Daily Prayers

 2nd August

Jesus, living bread, we come to this meal as your guests.

Unite all whom you invite into a closer body,

Forgive and heal the division of our making.

Jesus, living bread. You ensure none go hungry from your banquet,.

Stir leaders and governments to change structures that impoverish and lead to destitution

Forgive and overturn injustice whatever form it takes.

Jesus, living bread, crowds came to out to you.

Be among those  who gather for festivals, summer camps and celebrations of your word,

Refresh us in your zeal for your gospel.

Jesus, living bread, your healing touch reached out to the sick.

Pour out your restoring presence on all who call out to you.

Lift up all who are bowed down.

Jesus, living bread, you mourned the death of John the Baptist.

Look with compassion on all who mourn.

 Raise us to new life with you.


9th August

Lord, it is you who comes  when we cry out in storm-tossed moments.

Reach out to your Church when the sight of strong winds bring fear.

Open our ears to hear you say,    ”Take heart”.

Lord ,it  is you who sends your disciples to cross the lake.

Be with all who travel by land, sea and  air for holidays, business and missions of mercy .

Direct  those who guard our safety.

Lord, it is you who went up the mountain to pray alone.

Come to us in the still moments to refresh, revive and reignite the fire of living.

Increase in us thanksgiving for your saving mercy.

Lord, it is you who reaches out to us when we cry, “Lord save me”.

Catch all who are falling in their frailty.

Everyone  who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Lord, it is you who appears in the early morning on the water and later in the garden.

Bring all who have died to delight in the sound of your voice.

With the whole host of heaven we worship your holy name.


16th August

God of purity, cleanse our thoughts of all that would abuse or demean others.

Forgive the sins we do, and those we dream that infect our character.

With heart and mind and voice we will sing your praises.

God of compassion, your Son had his scope expanded by the Canaanite women’s persistence.

Challenge the boundaries we set to our charity and concern.

May your justice give cause for all to delight in you.

God of hospitality, you set a place for all at your table.

Open our hearts to embrace those easily excluded and despised.

We will declare your saving health among all peoples.

God of healing, at your word the girl was released from distress

 Announce your freedom to all weighed down with sickness and infirmity.

God of hope, you bring life  to all who call upon your name.

Draw into your eternal family all who have died.

Restore the fortunes of your people, o Lord.


23rd August

Son of Man, you build your Church on both the strength and frailty of your Disciples,

Pour out the riches of your grace.

That with the diverse gifts  your Church may further your Kingdom.

Nothing shall prevail against your will.

Son of Man, before you nations are humbled.

Remove the fear that leads you to oppression and contempt that diminishes human worth.

Strengthen all that leads to cohesive living.

Son of Man, you bring to  birth, hope and new life.

Bless all who work in maternity services and care for the newborn.

Wrap all life in your tender love.

Son of Man, you fulfil the hopes and dreams of all ages.

Be with all who long for relief from their suffering.

Anoint us with your Holy Spirit.

Son of Man, your glory is revealed in your death and resurrection.

We entrust to you all who have died.

Unlock the gates of paradise that all may enter.


30th August

Lord Jesus, you shocked your disciples by making them face up to your cross and their own.

Give to your Church courage to emulate your sacrificial love.

May we find truth in you.

Lord Jesus, you spoke of suffering at the hands of elders and leaders.

Give to all  who lead, due awareness of the awesome responsibility they hold.

May we never confuse kingdoms of this world with your eternal Kingdom.

 Lord Jesus, Peter struggled to accept the danger and purpose of your actions.

Be with all who are anxious for a loved one whose job places them in grave danger.

Give us grace to overcome evil with good.