Chapel of St Thomas Becket, Ledston Hall


Rev. Andrew Robinson writes: I am delighted to report that the new entrance to Ledston hall chapel has been completed and can be accessed from the south side of the building.  It is fully wheelchair-accessible but you may have to knock, as the doors (which are very wide) will only be opened as and when needed in cold weather to keep in the heat. The original two entrances also remain available – the outside stairs at the West side, and through the undercroft on the ground floor under the main stairs on the east side of the building.

Ledston Hall chapel may be found by going up Hall Lane in Ledston (WF10 2BU).  Hall Lane is opposite the bus shelter near the White Horse pub. At the top of the hill there is a stone archway marked Private.  The chapel is available at times of public worship and you can drive through at these times and park. Please park near the roundabout at the East side of the main building (pictured).

We celebrate the re-opening of the chapel with a service for Palm Sunday, which will be followed by refreshments.